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Exceptional customer service in real estate: 5 strategies for success

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Exceptional Customer Service7 min read

Providing exceptional customer service is crucial in real estate. It’s the driving force that will grow (or shrink) your property business. 

Buying or renting a property is exciting but let’s be honest, it often comes with anxieties too. It’s normal for customers to feel stressed, so they look to their real estate agent for guidance to make the move as simple as possible.

Agents have an opportunity to lift some weight off customers’ shoulders with exceptional customer service. The companies that make people feel welcome, understood, and taken care of are the ones that win and retain customers, build their reputations, and grow. 

How to ‘wow’ your clients with exceptional customer service

1. Make a memorable experience: build relationships from the start

A 2018 report from Purplebricks said that 89% of Americans distrust realtors to some extent. While that may seem negative, the flip side is that there’s lots of room to ‘wow’ people with your exceptional service.

Client satisfaction is often damaged when they struggle to get in touch with you. And when your clients do speak to you face-to-face or over the phone, they want to feel like a valued customer – not another transaction.  

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Welcoming callers, listening to their needs, showing up to appointments on time, greeting people with a smile, answering questions honestly and openly, and being present goes a long way. 

These are “simple” things you can do – but many fail to do them consistently when things get busy.

A greater level of care is expected with higher-income clients too. Sending gifts to celebrate special occasions is a great way to elevate your company above mediocre ones. Remembering clients’ passions, hobbies, and interests and putting some thought into your gift ideas creates a memorable experience. Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive either. For example, did they mention their love of coffee when viewing a kitchen? Pick out some nice beans to get them started in their new home.

2. Understand and anticipate your clients’ needs

Customers may walk into your office buzzing with excitement about plans, or they may have no clear idea of what they want. Either way, asking the right questions is essential to help you understand their needs and desires.

Getting to know your client and building a great relationship means you can provide magical moments on their journey to ‘wow’ them. Pro-active communication is essential too. Don’t wait for your clients to reach out for an update. Even if you don’t have any big news for them, a simple check-in shows that you are invested in their journey.

3. Prepare for difficult scenarios with role play

It’s rarely a new problem that stalls progress when buying or renting a property. It’s usually one of the same problems such as contract/legal complications, or inspection or repair issues.  

While you might be powerless to solve some problems yourself, customers will look to you for guidance and support. Not knowing what to say or do will only add to their frustrations.

Preparing for scenarios with role play helps you navigate through stressful moments. Should something go wrong, you won’t be caught off guard without an answer.  

Being prepared for these situations is a simple but powerful step to take. It could be the difference between losing or keeping a customer when a problem occurs.

4. Embrace technology to secure & maintain customers 24/7 

There’s no shortage of real estate companies in the US. So without tech in place to take high volumes of calls and messages around the clock, prospects will try elsewhere. 

Clients have a lot on their minds when they’re looking to buy/rent a property. Not only do office hours, voicemail services, and cookie-cutter answering services harm client satisfaction, but they also create more work for you. The backlog builds up.

A live answering service with custom scripting tailored to your workflow can put customers’ minds at ease. Knowing that they can speak to someone at any time is reassuring.

With SignMore, you can schedule appointments, talk to clients 24/7 with live chat, connect with clients via video calls, and keep up to date with all activity through a mobile app. A quick question asked in your live chat/telephone could become a qualified lead right away. 

5. Create an aftercare process

The moment keys change hands is special, but your client experience shouldn’t end here. Weeks or even months of building a great relationship can be undone if you go “radio silent” the second the keys change hands. It leaves a bad taste, making past interactions feel insincere.

Customers are likely to have post-purchase questions regarding disputes, repairs, or their new neighborhood. Creating an aftercare process for every new buyer and renter makes sure customers are looked after and no steps are missed. 

Aftercare is one of the most overlooked strategies for success. This is what seals exceptional customer service in real estate. The aftercare is greatly appreciated and you can count that they will be telling their friends and family about you.

Buying or renting a property can be a complicated process, filled with excitement and some anxiety. This is why exceptional customer service in real estate is essential. Focusing on customer satisfaction from start to finish will separate you from mediocre companies that prioritize their needs over customers.

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