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Building trust in real estate: Key factors for client satisfaction

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Trust in real estate7 min read

The simplest way to get more customers is to do an amazing job. Because when customers get a memorable experience, they tell everyone about it. But, building trust in real estate can be challenging. The real estate trust problem is global: a report from Choice Home Warranty said 67.5% of America doesn’t trust real estate agents.

Reports like this aren’t easy reads for property companies. But it’s a reminder that there’s lots of room to win people over! Your brand can be the one building trust in real estate while others accept a low standard.

Remember just one delighted customer could return again and again while referring friends and family for years. And the first step to delight customers is building trust in your company.

How to build trust in real estate

1. Embody a people-first approach

Putting profits before people is not the way to go for building trust in real estate. While some may argue it works for them, it fails miserably compared to the lasting relationships and referrals that a genuine people-first approach returns.

People enjoy meeting other people, authentic people. Humans talk a lot about their “gut feeling.” And there’s truth in it. We’re emotional creatures. Even if a real estate agent’s facts and figures make perfect sense in a customer’s mind – it’s useless without emotional connection. People rarely do things if they don’t feel right.

So don’t just focus on trying to be the flawless real estate hotshot. Be on your customers’ side, listen to their needs, show interest in their lives, and help them out – that’s how you build a connection. 

Show them that you are invested in helping them secure the outcome they want. And this should start from their first phone call. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are key to client satisfaction.

2. Be accessible 24/7 to put customers’ minds at ease

Building trust in real estate is impossible if people keep reaching your voicemail. Agent Today found that 69% of people will hang up if they reach a voicemail service. Only being available for a short window each day costs you leads and dents client satisfaction.

People looking to buy/rent property will have questions and concerns. Lots of them. Always. They don’t want to put up with limited office hours, voicemail services, or a cookie-cutter answering service with agents who don’t have enough real estate expertise to help them. 

A real-estate-focused answering service gives your company an exceptional level of customer service that most lack. It builds trust from the start as it’s huge for customers to know that they can speak to a real person – not a bot – at any time.

A live answering service for real estate agents helps you capture more leads, and manage your customers. So you can SignMore agreements, tenants, negotiations, buyers, investments, and contracts.

3. Build a strong online presence and reputation 

The game has changed. Having a great website that’s updated every few years is not enough. Maintaining a strong online presence is just as much a part of your company as arranging a property viewing. It’s a key trust-building factor that’s in play before leads even contact you.

If people aren’t impressed by your online presence, they keep looking. People don’t take chances when looking to buy/rent a property as it’s a big life decision they can’t afford to get wrong.

People crave as much certainty as possible. And the race to win new customers starts online. No matter how great your team is, competitors with a stronger online presence and reputation will leave you in the dust when it comes to capturing leads online. Social proof – or the lack of it – is powerful. Our brains can’t ignore it.

How to build a strong online presence for your real estate company:

  • Consistent branding – your brand should have its own look and feel that translates consistently across all channels online.
  • Build a modern website– it must look the part, be easy to use, and should perform equally well on every device it’s viewed on.
  • Showcase testimonials and reviews – get as many as you can and post them on your website and social media channels. Video testimonials are more impactful than written ones.
  • Have a 24/7 answering service– high-income customers are often too busy to contact you within 9-to-5 hours. Seeing 24/7 live agents available when visiting your website raises you above the competition immediately.
  • Create valuable content– Providing real value for free is what builds trust. It’s the law of reciprocity. Marketers have proved its value over and over again. It works.

4. Provide clear communication and never leave customers chasing

People enter an “excitement-anxiety spectrum” when looking to buy/rent a property. There’s a lot on their minds, so they’re looking for you to guide them through the things out of their control. Every interaction should provide them with some clarity and/or support. 

Many times quick texts or emails are sent that are filled with jargon, irrelevant information, or no clear “next steps” laid out for customers. It leaves people more confused and angry than they were before you contacted them.

Resist the urge to send a quick message when busy. Check each customer’s situation on your CRM to catch up with their progress to make an informed phone call instead. Even if you have to break some bad news, customers will be grateful and trust you more if you take the time to look into their situation, advise them on their options, and lay out what you are going to do next.

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